Our Portfolio

Our goal and pride is to deliver simple practical solutions to complex real world problems.

Our Portfolio

We are offering full scale web service solutions, from website designing, programming and development to integration and web hosting. To understand how we can help you, please see some of the projects that we have worked on. For more details of each case study, contact us at support@nivid.co

Defining Specifications

We have product managers for creating great specifications inorder to create great products. Now-a-days systems and softwares are so complex that to embark on the design before knowing what you are going to build is risky. We are doing specification with following points in mind:

What is the software supposed to do?

External interfaces:
How does the software interact with people, the system's hardware, other hardware and other software?

What is the speed, scalability, availability, response time and recovery time of various software functions?

What are the portability, correctness, maintainability and security considerations?

Design constraints imposed on an implementation:
Are there any required standards in effect, implementation language, policies for database integrity, resource limits, operating environment(s) etc.?

Building Secure and Scalable Applications:

We address your security and privacy requirements by building software to withstand the probes and attacks likely to be encountered when the software is in production on Internet. We have experience in full PCI auditing and getting your software application certified for that. Our experienced engineers helps clients to reduce downtime and disruption because the software should be built to withstand a variety of attacks. Our Developers go through a series of online and group training exercises when onboarded to understand the foundations of building secure codes. We also conduct threat modeling on our applications before we build a line of code in order to avoid the most egregious security vulnerabilities. We also take care of scalability of the application to avoid bottleneck situations.

Assuring Quality :

Software quality assurance services range from early requirement analysis and project management to test management and testing. We back your organization with expansive testing and development expertise, ensuring exceptional quality throughout the product life cycle.

Deployment and Support:

We can continue to maintain the system in production or transition of the system back to you. We deliver a thoroughly tested, user-accepted, deployable system, along with a source code repository, build history, and the complete suite of automated tests. We conduct a retrospection with you to assess how well stakeholders attained their objectives, summarize what was learned over the course of the engagement, and provide post-production support or help to ease the transition back to your core. Our support on post deployment is 24*7*365 and is provided through our dedicated staffs. Our business operates in a non-stop global environment, 24 hours a day, 365 days an year - to support your business.

Agile Process Management:

Our Agile teams will fit right into your Agile operation. We will demonstrate rapid progress, and form productive working relationships with you and your support staffs. You will also benefit from the latest advances in Agile technology. With a mixed team of your people and ours, we can help you to deliver and grow your own capabilities. We can deliver production-ready code to your business customers now and maintain it until you are ready. If you need to bring new capability online, we can deliver high-quality software without the need for long, costly final test phases or long-term contracts. We conduct biweekly demonstrations, sprint planning and retrospections. Block issues surface immediately during daily Scrum meetings. We conduct incremental unit, system, and user acceptance tests so that whenever the project ends, the system is ready for deployment to production. We can provide additional training and coaching to your personnel beyond what was provided at engagement start on as needed.